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GE Transformers

Lowest Price on Quality GE Transformers - Guaranteed!

GE Transformers is a name synonymous with quality within the power source industry and the name GE (General Electric) itself is a well-known and trusted brand GE Transformersname with the US public and worldwide. 

GE has been a key player in the power source industry since 1901 which marked the installation of their 1st steam turbine.  GE is now widely known, and recognized, as a #1 provider of  power generation equipment, and has been known in that regard for more than a century. 

GE Transformers exemplifies their business credo of “success through fair, honest, business dealings."  This is accomplished by approaching their business by bringing to life that mindset, GE Transformers has established a worldwide reputation for setting the bar when it comes to the highest level of business conduct.  For GE Transformers, maintaining that reputation is an important, consistent, goal and a goal that benefits their valued clientele as well..

GE Construction Non-Ventilated Transformers

A popular product offering from GE Transformers is their GE construction, non-ventilated, transformers.  These generators have many beneficial features, listed below:

  • Voltages up to 600V.
  • Single phase rated 5 - 25KVA and three phase rated 3 - 15 KVA.  
  • Indoor or outdoor installation without any changes to the enclosure --.rated NEMA 3R.
  • UL approved 180 degree C insulation system.
  • Low temperature designs.

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GE Transformers

Types of GE Transformers

GE Transformers manufactures a varied product line of high-quality transformers, several of which are highlighted as follows:

  • Liquid Filled Transformers  - Designed for industrial and commercial applications, liquid filled transformers utilize a sealed tank construction.  This sealed-tank environment ensures the windings and live parts are effectively controlled.  Liquid filled units, that are less flammable, may have an indoor installation.   
  • Control Power Transformers – Commonly used to control power for medium voltage switchgear.  Single phase or three phase units are available.  Several models are capable of vertical mounting for space conservation. Voltages for single phase are 120/240 and for three phase are 208&/120 with other voltages available. 

Several popular models of GE Transformers which are distributed by Transformer Manufacturer include the following.

 More Questions About GE Transformers?

Transformer Manufacturer is a Division of TEMCo, a long-Call our Transformer Manufacturer Specialists at 1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290.  standing, power source, leader.  From development to manufacturing and distribution, TEMCo carries all of the top transformer brands, including GE Transformers.  Transformer Manufacturer Specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have and to take your order.  Experience the outstanding customer service that sets TEMCo apart from it's competitors! 

TEMCo is known for offering the best pricing available on GE Transformers and all it's other power products.  In addition, you can always count on TEMCo for quick shipping at low rates.       1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290
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