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How to Choose Transformers

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How to Choose Transformers is an important area to  How to Choose Transformersconsider when you begin the journey toward a transformer investment.  How to Choose Transformers begins by determining the transformer’s capacity which is rated in volts-amps (VA). Operational voltage for most appliances and/or equipment should be visibly labeled as follows:

  • Current (Amps)

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Voltage (Volts)

  • Wattage (Watts or VA)

This voltage labeling is usually located on the back of the appliance.  If labeled voltage cannot be located, it is fine to use the wattage in most cases.  If the appliance labeling shows starting amps and running amps, it is best to use the running amps to calculate the wattage (VA).  

How to Choose Transformers continues with the result of a basic Voltage x Amps calculation.  With the resulting number, you now know How to Choose Transformers--with a VA rating equal to or larger than the VA listed on the appliance.  It is always fine to use a transformer with a larger VA listing but using a transformer with a smaller VA rating could lead to overheating and/or burning out the transformer, which is not advisable.

In general, it is more cost effective to use one large transformer for several appliances than to have several transformers for each appliance.  However, if you have an appliance that is frequently running (washing machine, freezer, etc.) and the transformer is permanently placed, that transformer should be left attached and dedicated solely to that one appliance.

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How to Choose Transformers

Ground and Unground Transformers

How to Choose Transformers now examines the questions surrounding ground and unground transformers.  It's a question that we are frequently asked, "Do we need the transformer ground or is unground okay?" 

Basically, you will need a grounding cord and receptacle if the appliance you’re running has a third-pin ground.  Appliances that usually fall into this category include microwaves and washing machines.  However, if your appliance has no pin and a two-pin format, a transformer with a two-pin format and no grounding pin will work fine.  These types of unground transformers are generally more affordable.  Appliances in this category generally include blenders, toasters and lamps. 

To alleviate the need to differentiate between ground and unground at all, you can also choose a transformer with third-pin ground which would be effective in both instances. 

How to Choose Transformers recommends taking ground and ungrounded transformers into consideration, along with the sufficient VA rating, when you finalize your How to Choose Transformers decision. 

 More Questions About How to Choose Transformers?

How to Choose Transformers understands the myriad of Call our Transformer Manufacturer Specialists at 1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290.  questions surrounding your transformer investment.  To that end, our Transformer Manufacturer Specialists are an extremely knowledgeable, helpful, team--at your disposal for concise, unbiased, advice.  Our team of specialists are happy to answer any questions you might have and to take your order. 

Transformer Manufacturer is a Division of TEMCo, a company with over 40 years in the power source industry.  TEMCo always offers the best pricing on transformers from the top manufacturers.  Count on TEMCo for unequalled pricing values and expedited shipping at low rates.                                        1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290
transformer guide


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